New Music Revolution

The Revolution will be heard…

The Underground Railroad Vol. 1

Here at NMR we believe great music should be shared with the world and the people shouldn’t be deprived of the chance to experience artists they otherwise wouldn’t have without the proper format to release the music.

Therefore we work to create more than just playlists of amazing music with a particular feel. Its a complete listening experience to give fans insight of music that isn’t played on FM radio or even being covered by the most popular online publications. ¬†As a longtime fan I’ve put together this incredible playlist of the dopest up & coming rappers in the game! Vibe out to the Underground Railroad Vol. 1!


The Vibe…

Music is all about vibrations… You have to feel it in order to know what its meaning is.

What we Feel

Music is about what you feel… Its time to remember that.

This is the future

The scope of how music is viewed is about to be changed… More to come soon.

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